This is for the famous Star-Crossed Lovers pairing, Loke and Lucy. This blog is to get you all ready for the greatest week of your life. LoLu Week.
Week Coming Soon: August 11-17, 2013
Star-Crossed Lovers

Lolu week prompts along with the “meaning” (this is just a reference to get ideas flowing):

1. Stargazing/Star- This has to do with anything star related. So basically they could be looking up at the stars or even be stars themselves.

2. Blush- This can be anything to do with them blushing. Loke says something ‘Loke’ related and causes a blush to appear on the blonde’s cheeks. Or even Lucy doing something to make the lion blush.

3. Jealousy- This can apply to both as well. Loke can be jealous of all the guys that hit on the Celestial Mage or Lucy can be jealous of all the girls the Playboy Lion hits on.

4. Feline- This has to do with anything ‘kitty’ related. Cat ears, cat tails, whiskers, paws, or even sexy kitty outfits. Anything to do with nekos and you got it.

5. Romance- This is a more fluffy and romantic part of the prompts technically. You can have a date between the Star-Crossed lovers or even something cute like cuddling or kissing.

6. Seduce- This is the more NSFW or even ‘sexual’ part of the prompts. This can be Lucy seducing Loke or Loke seducing Lucy. This can either be really hot or really funny. Imagine if they both try to seduce the other but miserably fail. This prompt can be made out to be anything like the rest.

7. Fairy Tale- Fairy Tale is the last prompt for two reasons. Because Fairy Tail and Fairy Tale, hello~ But the main reason is that Lucy is known as Princess and Loke the Prince or Knight. Do what you will this prompt. You don’t have to make them royalty. You can go as far as making Lucy having to kiss cats and comes to a weak lion- the rest is history.

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Spread the word out guys. Any questions or comments- please contact Lolu week headquarters. You have almost 2+ months to get gifs, videos, drawings, and even fanfiction finished. Thank you~